Installation view at Künstlerhaus Bethanien 2022. 05

ESCALIER SOUS-SOL unsized, archival pigment print, 2022

Study for 3 stairs wooden frame shelf, acryl, archival pigment print frames 30x40x25cm 2022

의자들 도는 계단들 또는 발걸음들 Chairs or stairs or steps unsized, archival pigment print, 2022

삶에 그다지 많은 옵션이 있는 것은 아니다. There are not many options in our life (Performer: GO Minhyae) 40 Images of wallpaper, framed black wood, dimensions variable 2022"1

치즈박스 계단 Soften stairs cheese box, wood-stick archival pigment 2022

오르거나 내려가거나 또는 허우적 거리거나 Going up↑& down↓ , and floundering ‹~ ~› (Performer KIM Chanmin) archival inkjet print 8 pieces of different depths of wood panels each 32x42cm 2022
< ∞ > Archival inkjet print on vinyl each 30x30x0.2cm 2022
연을날리는 사람 A man who plays shield kite Used trophy, iron, lithography 2022

또는 연주하기 Or playing┖┒ (Performer: GO Minhyae) archival inkjet print wood 30x67x240 images 30x40cm

Whereby a story that could be changed 41 archival inkjet print each image 9.8x13.4cm 2022 

Thousands of possibilities  Slide show using digital display Dimensions variable 2022 
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